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Daily Digest 4.1
Daily Herald, UT – 2 hours ago
In Utah County, where it is often felt that “smoking is not a problem,” OUTRAGE will be collecting cigarette butts in area parks to show the Board of Health
Do Kennedy and Waxman know about electronic or e-cigarettes?
WhyQuit (press release), SC – 29 Mar 2008
Question: How does it compare to smoking tobacco? Andy: It’s different. The “smoke” has a different feel to it than actual cigarette smoke does.
House Bill pushes to raise legal smoking age to 21
LSU The Reveille, LA – 27 Mar 2008
If a person is eating and cigarette smoke wafts in his or her general direction, the disgust in understandable. But in a bar or casino, where an age limit
More and more girls getting hooked
Daily Times, Pakistan – 27 Mar 2008
Data analysis revealed links between cigarette smoking and body weight/shape concerns, and awareness by subjects of these links; there was also a tendency

In India smoking kills 104 per hour
NDTV.com, India – 19 Mar 2008
The next time you light a cigarette think again, India loses 9.9 lakh people every year due to smoking. That’s a scary 104 deaths every hour.
Police Briefs for March 28
phillyBurbs.com, PA – 28 Mar 2008
A suspected marijuana cigarette was found in Terinoni’s pocket, police said. Teens cited for underage drinking: Three teenage girls were cited for underage
Fury at cigarette vending machine ban plan
Bradford Telegraph Argus, UK – 24 Mar 2008
Our cigarette machine is right in front of the bar and if anyone underage was trying to use it we would have something to say about it.
McCain’s stand on tobacco is put to test
Boston Globe, United States – 25 Mar 2008
He also supported a $1.10-per-pack tax on cigarettes to fund programs to cut underage smoking. “I still regret we did not succeed,” he said as recently as
Teens roll eyes at effort to make underage tobacco possession illegal
Grand Junction Sentinel, CO – 10 Mar 2008
In Mesa County District 51, it would mean the before-, after- and during-lunch cigarette crowds that often line the outskirts of some school perimeters
Lawmakers can do more to stop underage smoking
Cherry Hill Courier Post, NJ – 16 Mar 2008
More than 3 million American children under age 18 smoke 947 million packs of cigarettes each year, according to the bill sponsors, who include Assemblyman

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