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Yolgnu leaders want to take control of community health

A number of senior Yolgnu leaders say they’ve united to present a stronger voice on Indigenous health policies and to reduce the unsatisfactory level of deaths by disease and suicide in the region.

Yolgnu law man Galarrwuy Yunupingu, Northern Land Council chairman Wali Wanungmurra and Miwatj Health chairman John Morgan are some of the group who say they’re continually frustrated by the way health services are delivered in north-east Arnhem Land.

The CEO of the Miwatj Health Service Eddie Mulholland says the Territory and Federal Governments they must better consult Yolgnu people if they want to deliver improved health outcomes in the region.

“They want the way that the health services are delivered determined by them … and the end results should be the desires of the local people. That’s what local control is all about. So I guess in some sense this is sending a message.

“It’s time they were given the opportunity to take responsibility for things they have always been blamed for failing in but had no responsibility for such.”


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A far north Queensland hospital says it has contained an outbreak of the highly infectious norovirus disease.

A Queensland Health spokesman says 25 patients and staff were infected with the disease, which causes vomiting and diarrhoea, at the Cairns Base Hospital’s rehabilitation ward earlier this month.

Four people are still recovering.

James Cook University medical lecturer Professor John McBride says the hospital managed the outbreak well.

“They did a good job in making sure it was confined to one ward,” he said.

“You have had outbreaks that have occurred in the past and it was a major challenge just restricting it to the place it was first identified.

“So from what I know, they identified this outbreak quickly and made sure it didn’t spread.”

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